GF-TQ6-ADV, FSX and PDMG 737-NGX step by step setup instructions

Hi, I was wondering where can I find a step by step setup instructions for my GF-TQ6-ADV with FSX and PDMG 737-NGX. Anyone could help me? I tried to find it here in the forum, but I only found fragmented information. Thanks.


  • I'm planning to add axis support to the interface in the new year. I assumed most people had and would use FSUIPC so didn't bother including support for axis in the initial release.

    Do you have FSUIPC?

  • Yes, I have FSUIPC installed.
  • All you need to do is enable the TQ6 support in the Interface, this will automatically assign all the buttons and reverse thrusters.

    In FSUIPC you need to assign the spoiler, throttles and flaps axis. Do you know how to do this?

  • I am afraid I don't. Tried to find a post that helps, but I couldn't.

    Win 7 + 64 bits + FSX + Acceleration + FSUIPC 4.853 + CH Eclipse + CH ProPedals + GoFlight MCPPRO + TQ6-ADV + GoFlight Software (both GFConfig2 and PMDG Interface - all latest versions) + 737 NGX and many others.

    Thank you!

  • Pleas note that I disabled TQ6 on PDMG Interface module, cleared and reconfigured TQ6-ADV on FSX Control Axis assignment.

    Spoilers and Flaps seems to be ok (just need to find out how to calibrate).
    Engine 1 and 2 throttles also seems to be ok.
    Reverses are working, but also switching views. Need to find a fix for this.
    TO/GA buttons also working, but switching parking breaks good. Need a fix for this too.
  • I'm curious if there is any information on how to assign the spoiler, throttles and flaps axis via FSUIPC?  I've owned the registered version of FSUIPC for years but must admit I've only used some features and have never setup any controllers. 

    Any info available on how to accomplish this?


  • I'm planning to put a document together at the weekend for you all, so bear with me ;)
  • Steveo38, That would be incredible.  Thank you very much.


  • Steveo38Steveo38 Member
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    I've created the step by step guide. You can find it here:!114

    Best wishes


  • You really did a great job, Steve. Thank you very much for your kind help! 
  • Steve,  Thank you so very much. 

    This is perfect.


  • I've just remembered that you must ensure the axis have not been assigned in FSX or there will be a conflict and it won't work as expected. You can do this in FSX by going into Options, Settings and then Controls ...

    If all of your joysticks, yokes and throttles are configured in FSUIPC, the simplist thing to do is just untick "Enable Controller(s)".

    If you can't do that, click on the "CONTROL AXES" tab, select the "GF-TQ6 Throttle System" in the "Controller type" combo box and delete the assignments in the Assignment list. Keep an eye on this though, as FSX tends to add them back later on, so its best to move everything over to FSUIPC as soon as you can and then disable all the Controllers in FSX.

    I'll update the document this evening with this information.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Steve,

    I downloaded your new PMDG driver.  I was wondering, when I double click on the PMDG exe, should I disconnet from the GF config that I am connected to?


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    Hi Gnacino,

    GFConfig profiles are compatiable with the PMDG driver. However the rules are:

    - Create different profiles for FSX default aircraft and the NGX.

    - Don't assign commands to specific device controls in both the PMDG driver and the GFConfig NGX Profile.

    - Ensure the MCP PRO and EFIS devices are set to compatiable add-on in GFConfig

    - Ensure the MCP Advanced is set to Level-D in GFConfig.

    Best wishes


  • HI STEVE,meilleurs voeux pour l annee 2013 et merci encore pour tout vos precieux renseignements
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